Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving & Other Things

Where to start?  Thanksgiving was a lovely day.  Spent it over at my brother & SIL's.  My SIL is the most amazing cook.  Her turkey is beyond delish!  At way too much and spent some quality time with the boys.  It was a great day.

Yesterday I was a bum.  I did nothing and it was good.  :)

Today was basically the same.  Did go to Lane Bryant yesterday.  Was going to buy some undies because their brand is my favorite, but I didn't find any I liked.  The colors & designs are horrible this time around.  Instead I bought three camis and a cardigan.  The camis are gorgeous & I can't wait to wear them.  Don't know when that will be, but I can't wait.  :D

Got Chapters 1-3 back from my CP and I cringe.  Eesh.  Sometimes I wonder why I write.  Am I even any good?  It's sad really, but writing is...both a blessing & curse for me.  I love doing it (usually), but the edits & critiquing suck.  I need to get a tougher spine or something.  :(

Tomorrow is laundry & grocery shopping, if the weather holds out.  We actually had snow yesterday though it didn't stick.  It was 63 on Thursday & barely hit 30 yesterday.  Oh the joys of living in Michigan.  ha!

Found a great clothing store, but it's so expensive I might never be able to buy from it.  *sigh*  It's kind of vintage 50's in feel, but so many of the dresses in particular are just gorgeous.  I found one in particular that I'm gaga over, but can't see spending close to $200 for it.  I'm cheap!  Ha!

Looking around at gift ideas.  Not buying for too many people this year.  My nephews, my CP & my oldest friend.  I think that about covers it.  We'll see what I come up with.

I wish I could find a good coloring book.  Yes, I'm 36 years old, but when I've got a lot on my mind, I like to color.  It helps me get my focus back, so to speak.  :)  I remember those amazing color your own posters.  I had one that took me two years to finish, but when I was done, it was so cool I had it laminated.  Now it hangs in my bathroom.  :D

Anything else?  I got a bonus from work, which was lovely!  Came in VERY handy, let me tell ya.  Money's been tight.  I bought my computer in March & if I pay it off in 18 months, there are no finance charges.  The only problem?  Paying it off in 18 months.  :(  However, sending most of my bonus towards it will pay it down considerably.  Even if I can only afford $50 payments, I'll have it paid off in that time frame.  Hurrah!

I did spoil myself a little.  I bought Black Ops II (already beat it...took 10 hours tops) and Sims 3 Supernatural, which I'm having way too much fun playing.  :)  I'm such a geek at heart.  It's kind of ridiculous, really.  :)

And with that I think I'm off.  Going to buy a few new books & stuff.  I just finished Lord's Fall by Thea Harrison.  I was hoping I'd like it as much as Dragon Bound, but for some reason it came across as a little flat for me.  I think it's because the end was too simple.  The Big Baddie didn't have the ending I felt he deserved.  But that's just me.

There are a few books I'm going to buy because of recommendations.  Most of all is Leave Me Breathless by Cherie Lynn.  Seems to be a big thing right now.  I think I have the right author for that.  If not, I apologize.  Been seeing too many recommendations lately.  I blame Twitter & Smexybooks.  LOL!

And with that I'm off.  Going to play Sims 3 for a little bit & then go to bed.  I haven't slept anywhere near as much as I've expected.  Am rather saddened by this.  *sniffle*

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving if you have it & a great week if you didn't. 

Ciao for now.

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