Saturday, April 13, 2013

Life & Such & Things

Thank the good Lord for e-file.  I got my tax return in a WEEK, y'all!  And what a desperately needed thing too.  February & March were TERRIBLE when it comes to funds, so to say I'm behind is an understatement.  But, payday & tax return helped me get current on everything.  Phew!

I am...doing well.  Been crazy busy with work & life in general, so it feels good to have a day all to myself.  My apartment is clean...ish and all I need to do is pick up a few pieces of laundry & I'm good to go.  Yay!  lol

The best part about getting my tax return back so quickly is I can grocery shop for reals!  I've been pinching pennies something fierce for the last few months & haven't been able to really shop for necessary items.  I need sustenance!  lol

I've come to a conclusion about myself.  It's not very pretty, but here it is.  I'm 36 years old.  I've never been in a serious relationship nor have I ever been in love.  At the rate I'm going, I doubt I'll ever have either.  In all honesty?  I'm kinda okay with that.  How sad is that?

I was talking to a friend about it last night and he said something that really resonated with me.  He said that the most important thing is to be comfortable with myself.  No one else really matters in the long run.  It's what YOU want, not about pleasing others.  I am a people-pleaser, so I really need to get over that.  It's exhausting trying to make others happy when I'm not.  So, I'm turning over a new leaf.  If what I do doesn't make someone happy?  Aw well.  They need to get over themselves.

I'm really & truly exhausted.  I work in a giant warehouse with 8 other people.  Yes, only 9 of us work there.  Yesterday we were down to 5.  To say that yesterday was a nightmare?  Major understatement.  But, it got done, it's Saturday, I have $ burning in my pocket & I want breakfast.  Not just any breakfast.  A GOOD one!  Huzzah!

So, am going to go put on some clothes, drive to this little hole-in-the-wall diner a block or two from my apartment and I'm going to pig out.  Aw yeah!  lol

Hope everyone is doing well.  I've got some plans to revamp my blog and be more "professional." Me?  Professional?  Surely you jest!  *snort*


Jana said...

I'm MORE than okay with never marrying/being in a long term relationship. I'm happy and that, my friend, ain't sad. ;-)

Enjoy your tax return! Mine's going into my emergency savings. With all the car/house repairs I periodally have, it's nice to have that little cushion to soften the blow. haha

Liza said...

I found your site listed among a bunch of others in this article:
The name of your site caught my attention, so I clicked. Read your most recent post and just wanted to say that you are hysterical. Funny, candid - it seems like your personality shines through. Good writing!